ICLEI engages at the local to global levels, shaping policy and sparking action to transform urban environments worldwide. We build connections across levels of government, sectors and stakeholder groups, sparking city-to-city, city-to-region, local-to-global and local-to-national connections. By linking subnational, national and global actors, policies, commitments and actions, ICLEI strengthens action at all levels, in support of sustainable urban development. 

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Five Reasons to join ICLEI

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Get connected!

Get connected with the most ambitious and committed cities around the globe advocating for a sustainable future . As one of more than 1,000 Member cities and local governments you have the opportunity to engage with like-minded people working to ensure the supporting framework for cities is high on the political agenda. 

Be part of the leading global association on sustainability!

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Get informed!

ICLEI publishes diverse tools to help Members with their work. We also feature the outstanding work of our Members through media releases, case studies and newsletters. Members also have exclusive access to all ICLEI publications electronically via the Members-only area of ICLEI’s website.

Get ahead with the latest news, tools and opportunities on sustainability!

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Get expert advice!

ICLEI Members gain from the broad knowledge and expertise within the ICLEI Network. Gain advantage through our training and consultancy services for developing overall local sustainability strategies.

Gain from ICLEI's over 20 years of experience in urban sustainability!


Get engaged!

ICLEI Members not only have the opportunity to participate in ICLEI’s international campaigns and projects but also enjoy the opportunity to play a role in the design and pilot phases of these. Our Members are also among the first to be approached about getting involved in suitable projects to test or develop sustainability measures and tools that further help cities in achieving their sustainability goals!

Join over 1,500 other cities and take part in the ground breaking programs and campaigns!


Get together!

ICLEI Members are part of a worldwide network of local government representatives that are tackling similar challenges. They meet at workshops , webinars and conferences around the world and online. Funding assistance for travel to international ICLEI events may be available depending on event budgets.

Participate in international events!