Urban Transitions Alliance Report on Industrial Legacy Cities

Industrial legacy cities face unique challenges, as they transition towards vibrant, sustainable and equitable urban centers. Cities around the world can learn lessons from where these cities have been, and how they are moving forward. The new report Urban Transitions Alliance Roadmaps: Sustainability Transition Pathways from Industrial Legacy Cities details four transition pathways that eleven post-industrial cities have undertaken, with implementation ideas and best practices for each.

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Over the past two years, the Alliance has grown into a strong network of city practitioners focused on exchanging and co-creating sustainable solutions for communities faced with a transition not of their choosing.

Today, Alliance cities are crafting new identities and developing their own paths towards more vibrant, sustainable economies and resilient urban systems.

The recently released Urban Transitions Alliance Roadmaps report covers four Transition Roadmaps that emerged from the collaborative work of the Alliance, in the fields of Infrastructure, Energy, Mobility, and Social transition, with implementation ideas and best practices for each.

Download the report: https://iclei.org/en/publication/urban-transitions-alliance-roadmaps

Timothy Shue