Linking local & global action - National Roundtable


Last week ICLEI Oceania, with CURF at the University of Canberra, convened the first national roundtable linking local and global climate action with a focus on the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM).

The roundtable was attended by an impressive group of leaders from various organisations, including European Commission, Australia’s EU Delegation, local government associations, and representatives from the Federal Department of Environment and Energy, among others.

For two hours, the roundtable room buzzed with interchanges and exchanges of ideas and information. Directors, CEOs and organisational leaders shared ideas and discussed important elements for accelerating local climate change action using the GCoM framework in Australia. The enthusiasm swung into momentum for a continuing discussion that ICLEI Oceania and partners will be undertaking in each state in coming months.

Timothy Shue