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For who?

Master’s level students who want to improve research communication skills and use their research for impact. Our program may also be suitable for some Bachelor and PhD students.


Learning Outcomes

Critically prioritise information and extract core messages

Make complex information more accessible to a general audience

Create engaging and memorable content through storytelling

The Process

Send us an application


Book a consultation

Set your goals


Submit your outcome


Why apply?

  • Make your ideas "sticky", have a positive impact with your writing/research

  • Gain experience writing for a non-academic general audience

  • Develop your confidence in writing and communication skills

  • Seek opportunities for networking with practitioners and bolster your CV

  • Gain insight into ICLEI’s local and international projects

  • Think more institutionally about global environmental and sustainability issues

  • Link academia with practice and help to bridge the research-policy gap

  • Receive one-on-one training and guidance specific to your interests/field

  • Time commitment is flexible and can be negotiated around your schedule