A 'Blue Carbon Ranger' in Fiji

I recently completed a year long research project as part of my Masters, looking at community-based mangrove and seagrass conservation in the South Pacific region. I had promised the project partners of my research that on completion of my thesis I would put together a short summary report making the 26,000 words in the thesis accessible to organisations and communities in the Pacific.

However, when I finally submitted my thesis I was so exhausted and I had no idea where to even start. But that's when I found ICLEI Young Writers. It was serendipitous when I saw a flyer for a Young Writers workshop on the wall in our Masters common area. What I needed was support to communicate my research effectively (in the form of a summary report) and that's what Young Writers were offering. So I contacted them and the rest was history.

Over the last few months Tim, Ashley and Amelie have provided me with tailored support, detailed feedback, and articulate tools and strategies for pulling apart my thesis and reconstructing a short, concise, and articulate report. They also helped me present on my thesis at a major biodiversity conference in Melbourne, and I was able to cover the whole year in just 5 minutes.

The tools and strategies that Young Writers provided were excellent and made the process easy, fun, and really rewarding, and through the process I feel like I know far more about my topic and how to talk about it to friends, family, and (importantly) key stakeholders.

I am extremely grateful for Young Writers' support and I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you're lost as how to translate your wordy and theoretical research into lay terms to effectively communicate with everyday people, then Young Writers is for you.

Oli Moraes

Master of Environment

Climate change Facilitator, Leader, and Researcher

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