Resilience in rural Victoria

Dr Mittul Vahanvati, Research Fellow RMIT University

Dr Mittul Vahanvati, Research Fellow RMIT University

It is so useful to get people passionate about climate change and community resilience to look at the work I’m doing with communities living with risk.

Sometimes writing research papers as a researcher is challenging. The fresh eyes and insights provided by the ICLEI Young Writers Network really helped me focus my arguments and stick to one key message.

The ABT approach (And, But, Therefore) as well as asking the question “so what/ what’s the point of my research findings” helped me tremendously.

We as researchers need support from such networks to be able to communicate our research to wider audiences and general public in a way that they can digest it.

Mittul is a researcher in housing and human settlements, co-production of knowledge, disaster preparedness, post disaster recovery, community resilience and project management. She is working with regional communities in Victoria (Australia) to co-produce their resilience action plan.

Timothy Shue