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The ICLEI Young Writers Network empowers sustainability students and graduates to become engaging communicators, and provides a platform to share sustainability research. Sharing evidence-based knowledge in palatable ways is paramount to the health of a mindful and engaged society, which is a prerequisite for sustainable development policies at all levels of government. But sustainability issues, like climate change, can be challenging to communicate. So if you are missing a space to learn non-academic communication skills to make a positive impact with your research, whether through transforming a thesis into a summary report, or an essay into a blog, we’re glad you’ve found us.

If your organisation would like to partner with or support us in another way please get in touch.

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The tools and strategies that Young Writers provided were excellent and made the process easy, fun, and really rewarding... I feel like I know far more about my topic and how to talk about it to friends, family, and (importantly) key stakeholders.
— Oli Moraes, Master of Environment Climate change Facilitator, Leader, and Researcher (2019)
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Translating academic work for a non-academic audience will involve workshops & training in science communication, storytelling, and non-academic styles of writing to prepare students for future employment with a focus on professional skills.

  • Develop your professional writing and communication skills while supporting ICLEI’s services to promote sustainable urban development

  • Share your evidence-based research on: sustainability in cities and regions, local governments’ role in climate action, urban resilience, and climate adaptation, circular economy, ecomobility, social equity and low carbon development

Why should I participate?

  • Make your ideas "sticky", have a positive impact with your writing/research

  • Gain experience writing for a non-academic general audience

  • Develop your confidence in writing and communication skills

  • Seek opportunities for networking with practitioners and bolster your CV

  • Gain insight into ICLEI’s local and international projects

  • Think more institutionally about global environmental and sustainability issues

  • Link academia with practice and help to bridge the research-policy gap

  • Receive one-on-one training and guidance specific to your interests/field

  • Time commitment is flexible and can be negotiated around your schedule

Learning Outcomes

  • How to critically prioritise information and extract core messages

  • How to make complex information more accessible to a general audience

  • How to create engaging and memorable content through storytelling


Submit your expression of interest

Submit an application or email tim.shue@iclei.org if you would like help to make your research, thesis or essay more effective and specific to your communications goal. We can provide consultation and resources to help you make a larger positive impact with your work. The program is FREE for all suitable* students or recent graduates and we can provide also offer remote support to those outside of Victoria. Depending on demand and the capacity of our team not all applications will be successful.

*Suitability will be assessed in your application by the Young Writers Network team, based on a variety of criteria including alignment with ICLEI Oceania’s sustainable development work.

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